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The Top Wedding Trends in 2014

Handfasting wedding ceremony

From Victorian lace and crowns of flowers to heirloom rings and mixing cultural traditions, couples are finding unique ways to blend ancient rituals with modern ideas.

Wedding Traditions Spotlight10

Arranged Marriages Thrive in Modern Times

Arranged marriages are still common throughout much of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Perfect Wedding Unity Ceremony

12 unique unity ceremonies that symbolize your love and express your personality as a couple.

Lingerie and Linens: Staples of the Bridal Trousseau

Once part of the bride's dowry, the trousseau is still a tradition in various parts of the world.

The Prenuptial: The First Muslim Wedding Ceremony

Signing the marriage contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride is required in Muslim marriages.

Negotiating the Muslim Marriage Contract

Sample marriage contracts to help Muslim couples negotiate an equitable relationship.

Readings for a Wedding Vase Ceremony

A collection of prayers and quotes that honor the meaning of the Native American wedding vase.

Wedding Vase Unity Ceremony

The wedding vase is Native American unity ceremony that unites the bride and groom for eternity.

Should You Have a Ring Bearer?

By preparing your young ring bearer, you may be able to deter his unpredictable, mischievous behavior.

The Charm of the Ring Bearer

In Christian marriages, a young boy traditionally carries the wedding rings down the aisle to bless the bride and groom with good fortune.

Radiant in Red and Gold

Chinese weddings are filled with red and gold to ensure a happy, prosperous marriage.

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