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The Top Wedding Trends in 2014

Handfasting wedding ceremony

From Victorian lace and crowns of flowers to heirloom rings and mixing cultural traditions, couples are finding unique ways to blend ancient rituals with modern ideas.

Wedding Traditions Spotlight10

To Honor and Obey

Few modern brides opt to keep the traditional word "obey" in their wedding vows.

The Sacred Vow

The wedding vows are a sacred oath and the foundation of the marriage.

Differences Between Bride Price and Dowry

Although the bride price and dowry are both part of many cultural wedding celebrations, they have very different meanings.

The 6 Etiquettes of Chinese Weddings

The betrothal in Chinese weddings require six important steps before the special day.

The 3 Letters of Chinese Marriage

A culturally valid marriage requires the sending of three important letters between the groom's family and the bride's family.

3 Symbols of Korean Weddings

Faithful Mandarin ducks, colorful paper lanterns and harmonious reds and blues are often present in Korean weddings.

Arranged Marriages in Asian Cultures

Historical and modern cultural customs for arranged marriages throughout South Asia.

Arranged Marriages Thrive in Modern Times

Arranged marriages are still common throughout much of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Perfect Wedding Unity Ceremony

12 unique unity ceremonies that symbolize your love and express your personality as a couple.

Lingerie and Linens: Staples of the Bridal Trousseau

Once part of the bride's dowry, the trousseau is still a tradition in various parts of the world.

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